We are proud to be on the top in the market as a leading Chainsaw Supplier. We rule in the market by supplying the broad collection of chainsaw such as plastic body chainsaw, petrol and battery chainsaw etc. The main reason of our dominance over the market is that our products are manufactured using premium quality materials and by using latest technology. Our chainsaw machine is checked upon various industrial guideline to conform to the general principles to ensure our customers optimum satisfaction. These machines are accessible to our customers at pocket-friendly costs.

Product Details:

Model Displacement Power Output Weight
Ms-170 30.1cm3 1.3Kw/1.8hp 3.9Kg*
Ms-180 31.8cm3 1.5Kw/2hp 3.9Kg*
Ms-193 T 30.1cm3 1.3Kw/1.8hp 3.1Kg*
Ms-210 35.2cm3 1.6Kw/2.2hp 4.4Kg*
Ms-230 40.2cm3 2.0Kw/2.7hp 4.6Kg*
Ms-250 45.2cm3 2.3Kw/3.1hp 4.6Kg*
Ms-260 50.2cm3 2.6Kw/3.5hp 4.8Kg*
Ms-361 59.0cm3 3.4Kw/4.6hp 5.6Kg*
Ms-381 72.2cm3 3.9Kw/5.3hp 6.6Kg*
Ms-460 / 461 75.5cm3 4.4Kw/6.0hp 6.6Kg*
Ms-660 91.6cm3 5.2Kw/7.1hp 7.4Kg*
Ms-880 121.6cm3 6.4Kw/8.7hp 9.8Kg*

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